Private sessions can be held in any location. Treatment Plans, include private training sessions, each lasting one hour . Student and their dogs will learn basic obedience cues or refresh and in addition,work through problem behaviors you may be experiencing. Every lesson plan is adjusted to fit each student and dog's individual needs. All training is with positive reinforcement.

Behavior Modification
Working on any issues your dog may have: aggression,obsession, social issues and anxiety's , jumping at guest, claiming issues and barking excessively.

Initial Consultation   %30 OFF to end soon !
Initial consultation: $250- Lesson: 1 hr 30 min up to 2 hrs.. This is a time of assessment and training. Working on immediate issues before setting up a treatment plan.

Concierge Services
Shopping :  $25 - pet shopping when you don't have the time. Dog food, treats, potty pads, whatever you need. Just write a list, leave the money and I will leave change, receipt/list together : ) Centenela feed and Petco or any location of your desire .

Pick up -drop off : Vets , groomer or favorite day care ! : $10 each way  in a 10 mile radius add 75 cent a mile after ...

Please Note:
Business Hours: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm, 7 days
Phone: 310-773-1762

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please check with us to verify pricing and to find out what the best training program is for you and your dog. Dogs requiring significant additional time in daily training, such as house breaking, severe aggression, and other behavioral issues may take longer, need more care and time depending on severity.

Doggie's Ade:  is not responsible for the behavior of any dog after leavening care due to owner responsibility to keep up with training, recommendations and homework. Each dog takes to training differently. Remember a dog is an individual animal, so training may vary on individual cases. It is owner responsibility to keep up with training to get the best results.

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Training/Dog Walks
Pet Sit-in Clients home 

Dog walks w/Training : $35 - 1hr work on loose leash, socializing,distractions w/ leave-it, also stop and wait at corners, and sidewalk manners.

Dog walks no/training :  $20.00 - 30 min  

In Clients Home Petsitting : w/ certified trainer/No Training:  $50 Daily

Deal Packages on Services

Dog walks w/training : 5 for $200 save $50 
reg: $50 a walk
Dog Walk: 10 for $150 save $50 
reg: $20 a walk : 30min 

Private Obedience/Modification Training

Single Private Sessions 1hr : $150 
After Initial Consultation Only

Treatment Plan 1 # 
2 sessions-$195/2 hr

Treatment Plan 2 # 
3 sessions-$293/3 hr 

Treatment Plan 3 #
6 sessions $585/6 hr

Treatment Plan 4 #
12 sessions $900/12 hr
%50 off ! 

Treatment Plan : Packages