Doggie Stars

Hey all of you Dog Owners  just want to let you know, your doggies are in the best of hands with certified knowledge , care and gentle training. Each of my dogs I train  become like my own and that is how I train them. Also the relationship with the Owners is FANTASTIC ! I feel a family unit with each Owner and Dog, I’m easy going, YET I am very strick when it comes to family involvment and being consistant, I cannot do it on my own, a dog is not an appliance, you just can’t ship them out to get fixed. Dogs are intelligent  and bright as a two year old child  needing direction that is their intelect level and prossessing. Always be gentle but firm in standing your ground on bad behavior through positive reinforcment.   Have FUN  with it and it becomes a natural part of you and your dogs life.   Peace and Love

Angie was my Dog nanny/trainer we had to move back to Vermont . Yea, Angie we love you. My boys, two Choclate labs absolutly love Angie , she has been a blessing in their lives and even my own . She works hard with my two boys Bobby and Jackie and even the neighbors are impressed . They were aggressive on walks , taking food aggressivly from the hand , aggressive towards anyone walking by the front gate or back gate , Jackie use to bite at skateboards and at any sounds he didn’t understand ,now these issues are gone. Angie was my Train walker for a year and has always kept me up on her training with the boy’s,she is very caring and loyal to me and my boys . I even recommend her to people I know who need to be trained,LOL, be the Pack Leader girl !

Hello my name is Faith, my history is Fear Aggression. I was afraid of everything and if you came near me I would of bit you. My mommy loved me enough to call Angie to see if she can take on the task. I have been other places and never succeeded , Angie has yummy treats, she always set me up to win ! Me and my mommy want to thank Angie for her love and patience with me. She also baby sits me and my brother Ace

Faith                                               Sherman Oaks,Ca