Domino !!!!

By | April 1, 2015

So Feb 8th I receieved Domino through a client because he became very aggressive towards EVERRYONE and it became very dangerous and attacks became frequent. Domino now has developed a little more respect in my house hold almost two months with me. I suspect it will take about 6 months to clear most issues. He no longer runs and attacks and when he is claimimng a object , I can now say “come Domy” or get a treat to get him away. He stopped trying to bite the people that are always with me , now down to only strangers to him . Once in a while when food is being prepared or around he does randomly try and attack another dog and so I put him in a gated area for a short time , letting him know Im very dissappointed in his behavior… its also a safe place to come down and safely relax without the “distraction” that caused the attack to become his whole thought and so he doesnt cycle on it and attack again . He does come out and become friends again very easly now, before attacks were constant with the attackee. Domino likes his friends and one of them is a little shy girl named Penny Lane who is very insecure and fearful she too has come along away with socializing with people who she rarely lets touch her and other dogs 🙂 Im proud of both of them ! Good Job fur kids!