How Much Do Betta Fish Eat?

By | January 15, 2020

Betta fishes commonly found in aquariums at your house or office to enhance the beauty of that place. These are so brightly coloured that they will grab your attention instantly. Also known as Siamese fighting fish, they are aesthetically pleasing, graceful and multi-coloured fish. A Betta fish is that kind of animal that required protein-rich food. They love eating pellets and brine shrimps. They are carnivorous fishes and can consume tropical food since they are tropical in nature.

How to feed your Betta fish

How Much Do Betta Fish Eat?

It is very important to decide a system of feeding your fish. Once you practice a similar schedule of feeding for several days they become used to it and they adapt it all their life. There are various steps by which you can feed your Betta fish.

  • Decide a time for feeding- it is essential to make a specific time for feeding. You can take this time out, depending upon your work and availability. You need to be free for at least 8 to 10 minutes and you have to give this time to your fish completely. We must make sure that your favourite pet is eating healthy and properly. This is a very good way of giving the best health treatment for your baby pet. You can make one day in a week as a fast day. Don’t give anything to eat to your fish on this day as this helps in cleansing their digestive system.
  • number of feeds per day- you know you have to feed your fish daily but if you are not giving it the required amount to eat then also the fish will suffer from health issues. To ensure the proper amount of food given to Betta fishes, regulate the number of times in a day. Usually, you should feed the fish two times in a day that can be morning and night. Make sure do not overfeed or underfeed the fish because both the cases will be harm for the Betta.
  • Amount of food to be given- you now know you have to feed your Betta twice a day but how much quantity should you give in one meal so that it is sufficient for the fish is still a question. Fun fact- the size of the stomach of your Betta is just as big as the size of Betta’s eye. There are some people who don’t get enough time to take care of their Betta so they feed their fish just once a day. Suppose you are feeding your fish with pellets and you are feeding once a day, then do not exceed 4 pellets in one go. When feeding bloodworms don’t give more than 3. Similarly, if you are feeding the fish twice a day, don’t give more than 2 pellets and 1 bloodworm in one-time meal.
  • You know how to feed your fish, but do you know what to feed your Betta with. There are two kinds of food for Betta- staple and treat. You must start feeding with staple food and later move to treats. You can use staple for about 2 to 3 weeks and then give a treat to your fish. Sometimes when you feed your Betta just with a treat then it does not eat staple, hence it is important to feed it with both. Betta fishes can be picky sometimes so from the very early age, give the Betta all kinds of staple food so that it gets adapted to them

Best food for Betta fish

How Much Do Betta Fish Eat?

Betta fishes are the most desirable fishes to pet because of their ease to handle. They need is good food and they are set. If you want to feed your Betta fish with the best food then you must select some of them from a wide pool of options. best betta fish food includes-

  • Flakes- these are one of the most known foods for betta fish. They are easy to found and have all the nutrients required for the well being of betta. Flakes however should not be given too much to your betta, you can give them once or twice in a week.
  • Pellets- you must have heard about pellets. These are the most common food provided to the fish. Since these contain just the right amount of everything a betta needs. They are like chapatti to bettas, given every day can be given in every meal. They come in various colours and forms.
  • Frozen dried foods- just like the live foods, you can feed the fish with frozen dried food, just that the moisture has been removed from the food. Mostly freeze-dries foods have more nutrition content than flakes and pellets. They can be used daily for feeding and that is why it is important.
  • Live foods- f you want to give a long a healthy life to your betta then you need to have live foods in your food list. These are slightly more expensive than other kinds of food but it fulfils all the dietary needs of your fish. Live food is worth the price because it is the only kinds of food that the fish gets to eat in their natural environment. It includes food items like worms or shrimps and many more.
  • Frozen food- just like live food, you have frozen food too. People prefer frozen food more than live foods because of its ease to store. For live food you need to have specific requirements for storage, there is no such case with frozen food.

It is very important to serve the right food in the right amount to your betta fish. Overfeeding can make your fish sick, it can lead to constipation and can even cause problems while swimming. Sometimes your betta fish does not eat the food that you provide, it can be because the fish is sick or betta does not want to eat that food. Once you provide some other type of food, Betta will eat that immediately.