Training Dog Protection: 3 Things to Know

By | June 1, 2020

Protective dog training is an exercise to protect property and owners. The process of training a guard dog is not easy. But when successful, you will have an extremely professional security guards.

When at home, the dog will be the gatekeeper. When walking, the dog will be a strong bodyguard. However, the training takes a lot of time and have you grasped the training yet? It will be a pity if you ignore the article below.

How To Train The Dog To Protect The Owner

Training Dog Protection: 3 Things to Know

First, a distinction must be made between guard dogs and attacking dogs. These two forms are completely different in nature. The guard dog is responsible for protecting and alerting the owner when a stranger enters.

The attacking dog is responsible for attacking and stopping the attack by order. Attack dogs are often bred by authorities such as the police. If you are not confident in training, use our coaching service

Most attacking dogs are well trained and will not react strongly unless they are ordered by their owners. However, if not taught properly, they can attack suddenly and are very dangerous for humans and other animals. Usually, a normal dog owner does not need an attack dog.

The two most basic requirements when training a guard dog are protection and barking. For successful dog training, you need a clear plan. The training steps need to be repeated many times until the dog becomes an adult.

Remember, each dog training session must have 2 signals: 1 to start and 1 to end. If not, your dog will not know when to bark, when to stop.

What To Pay Attention To When Guarding Dog Training

First choose a small dog to conduct training. It sounds ridiculous but in fact most of the guard dogs have been trained since they were very young. For a guard dog with hunting dogs or other loyal species is a top priority.

If you can’t be the first to train a guard dog, how do you ensure they will be loyal to you alone? Second, puppies are less alert than adult dogs. Easily put puppies into the framework

The best time to teach your dog to communicate is when the puppy is 3-12 weeks old. Beyond 12 weeks of age, puppies will begin to be more alert in new situations, making communication more difficult.

Second, teach dogs from the most basic things. To become a guard dog, or even more than an attack dog, the dog needs a long training period. If even the place does not know where the toilet is, how to teach dogs to protect their owners and protect their property ..

Choosing Dog Breeds To Protect The Owner

Training Dog Protection: 3 Things to Know

This is the third thing to know when training in security. Most dog breeds, undergoing intense dog training, can become guard dogs. Naturally, if the breed is a good genome, it will still produce better results.

However, the outcome still depends on the actual process that the dog receives. Do not neglect owning a good dog but neglecting its training. The way to teach aggressive dogs is similar to other dog breeds but requires more perseverance.

The Best Guard Dog

For small breeds, the Chow Chow or the Pug (bulldog) are good options. They are famous in this field and are being raised quite a lot in Vietnam.

For larger varieties, you can consider Doberman, Becgie or Akita. The German Becgie or Doberman Pinscher dogs also have the characteristics of a professional dog.

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