Welcome Home Domino

By | January 12, 2015

I got a new dog over the weekend , his name is Domino ! He is mine and from a client … I’ve known Domino for 4 years that Ive been his trainer. The owners have such crazy scheduals that they couldnt keep up with training and he started becoming very aggressive towards people actually a lot of bites under his belt. His been to my house many times and I never saw it .. so when I went to pick him up they got his favorite toy out and he claimed it and attacked me …. he got my boot and I remained calm with my foot out and  dad had to get him off of me … Ha ha they asked if I was scared and I said a little set back but no … not my first rodeo , these are the types of dogs I train all the time . Domino has been on a leash since I brought him home in case I need to correct him and he only gets toy time in kitchen and then when playtime is over I let him out and he has been fine so far . Ive been teaching him “leave it” with treats , and for now he has to be everywhere I am , no more hiding and no more claiming for him , Domy those days are over ! I need to work on “place stay” because he has attacked people coming in and no no we cant have any of that either. I feel his life at the house was just to chaotic for his personality , not owners fault it’s just not a match . Sometimes that happens especially if owners are too busy to train . So now he is all mine !!!! Welcome home Domino 🙂